High Speed Car Chase Ends In Arrest

A driver was arrested Wednesday night after leading police on a high speed car chase in Colorado Springs.

According to police, Samuel Waits, violated an undisclosed traffic law near the intersection of Stetson Hills Boulevard and Austin Bluffs Parkway directly in front of an officer. Officer Missy Reynolds tried to pull Waits over, but he instead took off at 85-90 mph eastbound on Stetson Hills Boulevard, driving in the westbound lanes. He ran a red light at Powers Boulevard, and eventually lost control of his car at Tutt Boulevard. His 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix sustained major damage, but Waits was uninjured and escaped on foot.

Waits, 23, kept trying to elude officers by running away from the scene, but was eventually trapped in the Stetson Meadows Apartment Complex by officers surrounding the area. K-9 Officer Mike Juhl and Rudy, his police dog, were able to flush Waits out of the complex 30 minutes after he crashed his car. An investigation of the crashed vehicle uncovered meth and unprescribed drugs, leading to Wait's arrest on charges of drug possession, as well as multiple traffic violation charges.

No officers were injured during the chase.