CSAP Scores

(Denver-AP) -- Most of the disabled third and fourth-grade students who took a modified state exam to measure student performance displayed beginning reading and writing skills.

The State Department of Education released results today for the Colorado Student Assessment Program Alternate tests. Those tests are given to students with significant disabilities who cannot take the general exam.

The results showed that 48 percent of third graders who took the alternate exam scored in the novice reader category and 46 percent scored in the novice writer category. It was the first year of such tests for third graders.

Among fourth graders, 47 percent scored as novice readers, down from 48 percent last year. Fifty-three percent scored as novice writers, down from 54 percent last year.

Novice is the highest-scoring level on the alternate exams.

Federal law requires all children with disabilities to be included in state assessment tests.