Re-Enlistment Threat

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A Denver Democrat seeks a congressional investigation into reports soldiers are being threatened with deployment to Iraq unless they re-enlist.

U.S. Representative Diana DeGette says she has heard of such
threats from Fort Carson soldiers. But a Fort Carson spokesman says soldiers were told they could re-enlist through December 2007, extend their current enlistment until that time, or do neither with the understanding that they could be reassigned.

He says if soldiers are reassigned to a unit whose members
are under an order preventing them from leaving when their
obligations expired, they could be sent to Iraq.

Soldiers with less than 12 months remaining in their obligation would not be reassigned.

DeGette says she's concerned the Bush administration is taking
severe steps to bolster troop numbers, at a time when troops who
are near the end of their service just want to go home.

She also says other representatives have told her they've heard
similar allegations.

She's asking the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee
to open an investigation into the claims.