Plane Crash Survivor

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Flathead County Sheriff Jim Dupont says Jodee Hogg told him she
recalls tremendous pressure, heat and then a flash.

The plane came to rest upside down, and Hogg opened the door and
literally fell out of the plane.

Dupont says she turned around and pulled Matt Ramige out of the
plane. Ramige's leg was stuck and she got burns on her hands
pulling him free of the wreckage.

At a press conference this afternoon, Jodee Hogg's brother,
Ryan, said pilot Jim Long unlatched Ken Good's seat belt and pushed
him out of the plane.

Dupont says Hogg told him she saw blood in Davita Bryant's hair
and on her face and she wasn't moving.

Ryan Hogg says Jodee Hogg, Matt Ramige and Ken Good used each
other's body heat to stay warm Monday night, and that Good died of
his injuries at the crash site Tuesday morning.

That was when Hogg and Ramige began their five mile journey to
the highway.