Sept. 11 Anniversary

At Ground Zero, the spirit of America was reaffirmed with a reading from the Declaration of Independence.

For the first time, the families ventured down to the bottom of Ground Zero. At a circle of honor, they remembered those who meant so much to them. While they mourned, their loved ones names were read one by one. It took hours to read them and the families' grief was clear. Some tossed flowers, others scooped up dirt and gathered pebbles.

President Bush ended the ceremonies by dedicating a plaque and paying respects to the more than 2,800 people killed in New York a year ago.

Under heavy security, memorials and tributes went forward in Washington, D.C. The President asked Americans to remember those lose, and renew the commitment to win the War on Terror.

The same flag that workers draped over the Pentagon just a day after the attack, was unfurled again.

A flyover honored the 184 victims who perished.