More Troops to Fort Carson

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U.S. Senator Wayne Allar announced Thursday that Colorado's mountain post is growing. The Army now has plans to relocate 3,700 soldiers and their families to Fort Carson.

The soldiers are coming from the 2nd Brigade, 2nd Infantry, originally stationed in South Korea who are currently deployed in Iraq.

Fort Carson officials say the decision will have quite an impact on them, only the beginning of which is having to find room for an additional 8,000 to 10,000 people. It may also bring them security.

Next year, the Pentagon will be consolidating U.S. bases as part of the base realignment and closure process or BRAC. Senator Allard says the fact that soldiers are being relocated to the mountain post could be a good sign Fort Carson won't be on the chopping block.

The soldiers are expected to arrive at Fort Carson by next summer. But, the Pentagon says, their families will begin arriving much sooner. Once the realignment is complete, Fort Carson will have almost 19,000 stationed there.

Economically speaking, small business owners say they are thrilled to hear the news, especially at a time when 7,000 of the mountain post's soldiers will be deploying again in the next nine months. Many business owners, especially those in the southwestern part of Colorado Springs depend on the soldiers' business to stay afloat.

According to an economic model done for the Colorado Springs Economic Development Council, adding 3,700 soldiers to our local economy will mean an additional $218 million in annual earnings, not to mention the estimated 1,880 new jobs that will create.