Voter Registration Deadline

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People registering to vote are creating backlogs in several Colorado counties that are rushing to process names before early voting begins. County clerks attribute the swell of new voters to a heightened interest in this year's presidential race as well as registration drives.

Jefferson County has about 15,000 registration forms waiting to be processed. Denver election workers and temporary staffers have worked overtime to whittle a backlog from 20,000 forms to about 6,000.
Arapahoe, El Paso, Larimer and Boulder counties also are
updating thousands of records.

Watchdogs fear the scramble to input names could lead to inaccuracies that could affect tight races.

The deadline to register is October 4th, and early voting begins on October 18th.

FairVote Colorado plans to list registered voters on its Web site next week so those whose names don't appear can try to fix the problem before the registration deadline.