Ramsey Files

(Boulder-AP) -- A district judge will consider a request by two
former friends of JonBenet Ramsey's family for access to some of
the police files kept in the investigation of the girl's murder.
Fleet White Junior and his wife, Priscilla, have asked officials
to turn over files involving a California woman's claims that the
Whites were part of a child sex abuse ring that contributed to
JonBenet's death.
Police have said there is no evidence to support the woman's theory.
Boulder District Judge Lael Montgomery told the couple at a
hearing yesterday that she will rule on the request.
The Whites requested access to some of the investigation files
in a three-page document filed June 24th in Boulder District Court.
Police Chief Mark Beckner has refused the request, saying the file
is part of the investigation and not subject to disclosure under
the state's criminal justice records laws.
Fleet White Junior was with John Ramsey when Ramsey found his
daughter's body December 26, 1996.
Police have yet to charge anyone in her death.