Eminent Domain

The possible expansion of an El Paso County road means a tough decision for some Black Forest residents: sell part of their land to the county or face a court battle and maybe lose it anyway?

The area in question would expand Milam Road north toward Hodgens, running adjacent to Black Forest Regional Park. The proposed road would eventually end in a new housing development that's planned for the area.

The county will pay nearly $112 thousand for 1.3 of one family's 5 acre plot. The deadline to accept the county's offer is tomorrow.

County officials want 6 families, including Cindy Miller's, to sell parts of their land or else they'll use eminent domain to try and force a sale.

"We've made the decision. Our property's not for sale. We've been offered $111,800 for our property. It's still not for sale."

It's a battle that's been going on for a year and a half with the El Paso County Commission staying split on the issue.

The development deal would also add more than 200 acres of park land to the county.