Local Family gets Home Makeover

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For the first time since Kayla Woodhouse's family was chosen for an extreme home make-over, we hear from her parents, who first spoke with 11 News a year ago.

"Move that bus. Move that bus!"

And with that, the Woodhouse family finally gets a glimpse of their new house.

"The house is perfect for Kayla and our family," said Kayla's dad, Jeremy Woodhouse.

It has all sorts of features in it to help protect 10-year old Kayla, who suffers from a rare nerve disorder.

"As far as the environmental control system and all the space they've provide for them to be kids," said Jeremy.

"It's amazing," said Kayla's mom, Kim Woodhouse.

"So much in the house for them to do that they weren't able to do before," said Jeremy Woodhouse.

And this goes well beyond a new home.

"She will love this," said Kim Woodhouse.

Because of trouble regulating her body temperature swimming is the only form of exercise Kayla can enjoy.

Now, she and her family will get a chance to go to Omaha next summer for the US Olympic Team trials.

"It's an honor to be out here and representing usa swimming and giving gifts to this family," said Nicholas Brunelli, member of the USA National Team.

And the gifts keep coming.

Kayla and her brother Josh have each been given a scholarship to the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

"Education is important to us and we didn't know how we were going to afford it," said Jeremy Woodhouse.

"I know it was just a week of intense work here. But, it's going to last a little girl her lifetime," said Jeremy Woodhouse.

Monday night will be the Woodhouse family's first night in their new home.