What You Need To Know Before Getting That 2010-2011 Flu Shot

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As it slowly gets colder outside many of us start thinking about the upcoming flu season. Health experts are saying there is no shortage of the 2010-2011 vaccine. The vaccine is available statewide.

Whether you get vaccinated at your family doctor, pharmacy or local grocery store, the health department is pushing for you to get that shot

"We never know what the flu season's going to look like. We know once it happens", said Cynthia Wasker with Penrose St. Francis in Colorado Springs. “We recommend strongly everyone 6 months and older are vaccinated for this season."

When it comes to your shot, the H1N1 vaccine is included in the regular vaccination. "It will be a part of every shot out there, the shot or the mist. The H1N1 will be within the vaccine component," said Wasker.

For more information on the upcoming flu season and for flu shot locations, click on the links below.