Ellicott Couple Killed In Lake Powell Rock Slide

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An Ellicott couple killed over the weekend in a freak accident at Lake Powell is being mourned in Colorado. Park Rangers say 64-year-old Donald Simmons and his wife, 59-year-old Mary Simmons were out on the lake Friday afternoon when a rock slab gave way and fell on their boat.

Family and friends in Ellicott are still in shock.

"How can this happen, especially to two nice people?” said Jennifer Hasty, a neighbor of Don and Mary’s.

Hasty still can't believe her neighbors aren't coming home.

"They just left Wednesday to go on vacation," she said.

Something Don and Mary hadn't done in quite sometime.

"They were kind of celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary," said friend, Jim Hannahan.

Park Rangers in Arizona say the couple was out on Lake Powell when a 250-square-foot rock slab in the alcove above their boat gave way and fell on top of them. Rangers say some visitors notified them of the accident, they had waved to the Simmons' in their boat, then 20 minutes later when they drove back by, the boat had capsized.

"They're in heaven and they are in heaven together and that's where Don was happy about being," said Hannahan.

He says Don and Mary were dear friends who made a difference in the lives of so very many.

"They were really special. I'm not sad for them, I'm sad for us because we lost them and we have to go on without them," said Hannahan.

Don had a passion for horses and had been a breeder for most of his life.

"Don loved his horses,” Hannahan said.

A kind-hearted loving couple, whose memory and legacy will live on in Ellicott forever.

"I'm going to miss them a lot," Hasty said.

Mary Simmons body was recovered on Friday shortly after the accident, but her husband is still missing. Divers have spent the past four days looking for his body. The water near the search is 150 feet deep and underwater trees have been getting in the way of search efforts.