The Costs of Prosecuting Kobe Bryant

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Prosecutors in the Kobe Bryant case spent nearly $398,000 from last July through August 31st, the day before charges against the NBA superstar were dropped.

Data obtained by The Associated Press through an open-records request show prosecutors spent nearly $75,000 for expert witnesses and travel. Another $35,000 went to a broadcast clipping service.

Krista Flannigan, spokeswoman for District Attorney Mark Hurlbert, earned $76,000 to help handle media coverage. Flannigan is still on the payroll.

Lawyers in Hurlbert's office are still are working on issues related to
a request by Bryant's attorneys to seal all records and evidence in
the case from public view.

The amount Bryant spent on his defense is not publicly known.

Prosecutors asked that the sexual assault charge against Bryant
be dropped after the alleged victim said she wouldn't testify. Her
lawyers say the pressure got to be too much. Jury selection had
already begun.

The 20-year-old woman had accused Bryant of raping her last
summer at the Vail-area resort where she worked. The 26-year-old
Bryant says the two had consensual sex.

The woman has filed a civil lawsuit against the Los Angeles Lakers star.