President Bush Visits Colorado

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President Bush told a crowd at Coors Amphitheater in Greenwood Village Tuesday morning that Colorado's economy is getting better, and he stressed his administration's record on health care.

About 18,000 people turned out for the campaign rally that started at about 9:00 a.m. with an introduction by NFL Hall of Famer and Denver football icon John Elway. The former Broncos quarterback told the cheering crowd that Bush knows how to make the right calls when the pressure's on.

Bush said during a 50-minute talk that the nation has made Medicare stronger and won't turn its backs on its senior citizens.

Not everyone was cheering. Bush was interrupted several times by hecklers, including one who had his sign protesting the Iraq war ripped from his hands. Bystanders wrestled him off the rail he was standing on.

Bush spent the night in the Denver area under tight security. Air Force One arrived at Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora around 6:45 Monday night. Three military officials greeted Bush before his motorcade left the base.

His visit comes fresh on the heels of claims by Democrats that the state is still a tossup. But state Republican Party spokesman Bill Ray says this particular trip was planned long before Democrats decided they still had a chance to win Colorado.