Kerry Plans Colorado Visit

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Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry has had Colorado in his sights, even though it's Republican-leaning.

Democrats see the state's lagging economy and growing Hispanic
population as opportunities to gain a foothold. But a dip in the polls and tight races in swing states have forced Kerry to focus his resources on ten other states, including Florida and four in the Midwest.

Kerry's advisers say they plan to intensify their bid for Colorado in October, but that may not be possible if Kerry doesn't erase Bush's lead nationally and regain the advantage in the top ten states.

Bush attended a campaign rally Tuesday morning at the Coors Amphitheater in Greenwood Village before. Kerry plans a stop in Colorado later this week. Details are still coming together.

Bill Clinton was the last Democratic presidential candidate to win Colorado. His victory in 1992 was credited in part to Ross Perot, who was seen as diverting votes from the first President Bush.