Colorado Refused Waiver on Military Ballots

By: Associated Press
By: Associated Press

The Pentagon has told Colorado Secretary of State Bernie Buescher that it has denied a waiver to exempt the state from a federal requirement to mail ballots to military service members overseas 45 days before the November election.

Spokesman Rich Coolidge confirmed that Colorado's waiver request has been denied. There was no word from the Secretary of State on how he would respond.

Coolidge said before the ruling that the ballots will still be mailed. He said if the state still cannot meet the deadline, some soldiers in remote battlefields might not have enough time to return them even though the state will give them an extra seven days after the election.

They can also e-mail or fax them.

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  • by Richard Location: Colorado Springs on Aug 28, 2010 at 10:11 AM
    Oh how I love a good conspiracy but I think you folks maybe giving to much credit to the State of Colorado. I wouldn’t doubt or be surprised that it is only due to the state trying to save a buck by not having to pay to send out absentee ballots to our military overseas. As to the comment of how hard is it to get mail to our military in a timely manner, well our postal service cannot seem to get mail into the right mail box here in Colorado Springs but that’s a different story. Seriously mail sometimes has a hard time catching up with some soldiers that are constantly on the move and other logistical reasons. And last but not least to the person who wants to leave the Union, well pack your bags and have a nice trip. Great Response Roy, I totally agree.
  • by Ben Location: Colorado on Aug 28, 2010 at 03:50 AM
    I'm shamed to say I am a native of Colorado! It has fallen from the great state it used to be and descended into Californication! If our military is denied their right to vote, then the military should remove all their presence from the state. Let's see what that would do to the economy.
  • by Currently deployed Location: If I told ya, I'd have to kill ya on Aug 28, 2010 at 01:46 AM
    As a Colorado State resident and military member assigned in C.S., I find it ridiculous that Colorado will not mail a ballot to me and allow me to vote! I'm over here in 120 degree weather, fighting for the freedoms that American's enjoy (like voting), and I don't get to myself? This is absurd! Like John, I'm on my third deployment...I echo his sentiments about the mail only taking about 5-7 days to reach us here. There is no excuse why we shouldn't be afforded the same opportunity as those who remain in the beautiful State of Colorado.
  • by Roy Location: beantown on Aug 28, 2010 at 01:11 AM
    Hey all of you brainwashed Rush Limbaugh & Glen Beck wannabees, Nobody is saying that military members can't vote. All this is saying is that an extension wasn't granted. I have been in the military for 22 years and have never had a problem getting my ballot in on time, even in forward locations. 90% of the people deployed have email and can send it in that way too. But I will give you a newsflash, most troops don't even care that there is an election unless it is a presidental one and then most people don't vote then. Liberbal/Conservative/Tea Nazis whatever, All of them sound like a bunch of sniveling kids. As a matter of fact politics is the most sickeing subject that I can think of & all of the so called experts count on you/us to eat it up. We are paying the bills everytime we buy a book, watch a show, attend a rally. Most of these folks are a joke, Palin, Limbaugh, Beck right now are the popular idots. Keep watching them, I am sure they enjoy the pay.
  • by Rachael Location: Colorado Springs on Aug 27, 2010 at 10:24 PM
    Also... Thank you to all of the soldiers who are over there and have been over there. You are highly appreciated. Stay safe and come home alive. Thank you to your loved ones also. They are also appreciated. (
  • by Rachael Location: Colorado Springs on Aug 27, 2010 at 10:22 PM
    Our military has more of a right to vote than anyone else does. They are the ones that are fighting for our freedom and for our safety. They are the ones who run towards the violence while others coward from it. For the first time, I am ashamed to call Colorado my home. I have lived here my whole life. I love it here. Wake Up Colorado. Either get behind our soldiers, or get infront of them. Disgraceful. Those who voted no, you disgust me and many others. Shame on you. Karma comes around.
  • by John Location: Springs (in Iraq) on Aug 27, 2010 at 08:40 PM
    You smelled a rat alright! A Liberal one at that. Its well known most military, and deployed civilians like myself, are conservative so where does that leave the ever increasing Democratic/Liberal party of Colorado? This is my third deployment so I am quite used to sending and receiving mail in a combat environment. Care to guess how long it takes me to get things from the states? Sometimes as little as five days. Yes I smell a rat too all the over in Mosul Iraq! SEND THOSE BALLOTS YOU RAT!
  • by Why is this a shock? on Aug 27, 2010 at 08:26 PM
    The answer is simple. Colorado is crawling with flaming liberals and most military folks are conservatives. Think about Clinton the draft dodger and Obama who has never even considered joining the military. The past republican presidents have all served or did something of use for this country.
  • by Max Location: cs on Aug 27, 2010 at 07:48 PM
    the same thing happened in past was 'oops, the votes didn't arrive back in the US in time to be counted'. like i said, i smell a big 'O' rat!!
  • by Sandy Location: Peyton on Aug 27, 2010 at 04:39 PM
    My son is in the Navy and he has a right to vote and have his vote counted just like everyone else. What is going on in Colorado and in the rest of our nation? Why don't politicians want military people to be able to vote?? That is the question that everyone should be asking.
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