Community Leaders Speak Out Against Amendments 60, 61 and Proposition 101

By: Mindy Stone Email
By: Mindy Stone Email

Local business leaders, community leaders, and elected officials are speaking out against Amendment 60, 61 and Proposition 101.

A community rally was held Wednesday morning at the Pioneer Museum, Southside Gazebo area in downtown Colorado Springs.

Attorney General John Suthers was among the speakers who voiced his strong opposition.

"Make no mistake about it folks. These three proposals are not the wire of advocates of limited government, they are the work of advocate fiscal anarchy," said Attorney General John Suthers.

District 11's Superintendent says the measure will have a crippling effect on public education not only in the Pikes Peak Region, but in classrooms across Colorado.

"If passed, significantly less money will be available to educate our children," said Dr. Nick Gledich.

As for the other side, 11 News spoke with the campaign coordinator of a group called, Colorado Tax Reforms that supports these ballot initiatives. Natalie Menten says the measures will provide tax relief, save Colorado and protect the future of our children.

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  • by Fred Location: Pueblo on Sep 7, 2010 at 04:10 PM
    Our schools have cut budgets to the bone and now with these Amendments and Propositions, they want them to cut more. I can see class sizes of 40 to 60 students and how will that improve our educational systems in Colorado. Our parks and recreation departments will be gone.
  • by bert sargent Location: hotchkiss.colo on Aug 31, 2010 at 09:03 AM
    gov's tax and the bankers, hidden, tax mis named inflation has done away with our rights and liberty.the only thing is that the voters and non voters are to vote one must know not go by the tv,but get out and learn about the candidate.the principles of both major parties has led to the mess we are in may not agree so take an iq test.
  • by getting crabby Location: western slope on Aug 28, 2010 at 10:12 PM
    What's all this "let's work together and sing koobay-yay garbage? If you like what government does (and how come you only bring up police, schools, etc, instead of golf courses, stadiums, and rich man stuff at our expense?) then vote yes on these initiatives, and then vote yes when your local government politely asks you for the money to spend on (fill in the blank).
  • by Citizen Location: Parker on Aug 28, 2010 at 12:38 PM
    There is so much anger towards government these days but I do not see a lot of productivity coming out of this anger. People may think they are sticking it to a few public employees with higher salaries but they would really be firing construction workers, nurses, bus drivers, janitors, secretaries, firemen, teachers, police officers, farmers, fishers, hunters, and airport employees. Most of us went into public service because we love and want to serve our communities. We buy from your businesses and support the local community businesses too-we would all be hurt by passing any of these measures. It is time to really do our research on this one. Our state has already had to cut over 3 billion and I sure do not want to be here when they have to cut 4 bilion more.
  • by Mark Location: C/S on Aug 26, 2010 at 12:56 PM
    Good posts by both sides; I agree, however, with Jack, Carol & Richard. We have an ineffective Mayor and City Council, they have their priorities centered around what they want. The registration fees, including the bridge and road fees, are out of control! No, I think it's time to start demanding and holding our city/elected officials accountable for their actions, or lack of actions on our behalf. I'm shocked that we have over 100 city employees making in excess of $100K per year or $48.00 per hour...the rank and file employee is nowhere close to that. The we have the issue of city/county vehicles being used for personal business, 6 guys to fill a pot hole, it goes on and on. I'm tired of paying again and again when there is so much waste going on; then getting flooded with scare tactics during election time is such bs. Elected Officials, time is coming for a changing of the guard; our confidence in you is wearing very thin and we are tired of it! Just my opinion.
  • by Jack Knows on Aug 25, 2010 at 08:02 PM
    We can't afford to fix potholes as we need to save that money to pay the over 100 city employees that make in excess of 100K per year. Government is a good ol boy club that only cares about their own butts.
  • by Anonymous on Aug 25, 2010 at 06:55 PM
    It's so difficult to know what's really going on with all these amendments and propositions. This is why I never sign petitions anymore when people approach me outside the store.
  • by Anthony Location: Colorado Springs on Aug 25, 2010 at 06:09 PM
    It would be good for everyone to do some research into the facts before making reactionary comments about how the Big Bad Government is mis-spending the relatively low taxes we currently have. Take a look at our roads, our parks and our schools. All of these cost money. It's our responsibility to pair our fair share. When you drive your car into a pot hole that costs you a thousand in repairs, are you going to wish you paid the two hundred in taxes instead? What about when your child is in a classroom of 30 students? Get real people. These measures are bad for our State and our community.
  • by Concerned Location: Grand Junction on Aug 25, 2010 at 04:57 PM
    Does anyone know how much money it will take for private citizens to patch up those pot holes in your subdivision that you will hit at night under city lights? Then again who will pay for the lights providing safety to motorist and children crossing the streets? Hmmmm no sheriff or police officer assistance will be available. Not to be too scary but we take for granted what government does do for us. Make a pro and con list for yourselves. What will you have to do when your local government cannot provide adequate schooling, healthcare, road maintenance and so on? Will you have time to actually keep a full time job? If not you better have a place to keep farm animals and gardens to grow your food. It takes a community working together to allow us to have a decent way of life. How much do we pay for the services we receive? I think we will all get a reality check and an education before this is over with. We have a large population to take care of people. Let's work together.
  • by Carol on Aug 25, 2010 at 02:38 PM
    The only devastating effects would be to the elected officials that lie and waste the money and couldn't care less about what the people want or vote for! They've more than proved that. I do not have endless money to fork over so they can live the good life and play around with their pet projects! City Council has a death grip on some big money right now and want to waste it! There should be accountability for every penny that's used and where it went! It's time to get some people in office that don't care solely about themselves and what they want!
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