9-11 Concerns

Sept. 11 is fresh on our minds as the anniversary of the attacks draw close. As many people want to remember, some say the media coverage of the event is just too much to take. The images were hard enough the first time around.

It's a media blitz that's driving a lot of people crazy. Extended coverage from ground zero and live coverage from the pentagon. It's on every network and every cable station. All want to remember the tragedy and show the courage of our nation that day. The only thing is, it's proving to be a double-edged sword.

The 9/11 coverage is so intense we decided to ask viewers what they think about it. Some people we spoke with say they want to remember they just don't want to live that tragic day all over again.

Warren Epstein is a TV critic for the Colorado Springs Gazette. He says the images pumping through the airwaves are too much for some of his readers so he's decided to write his next article about what he calls "overkill." Epstein says, "Do the networks really need to push the button that hard and that constantly? I think it's overkill."

While networks are focusing on the events of that day a year ago, here at 11 News we're planning a special one hour look at how Coloradans have moved forward and continue the healing process. That broadcast will air from 6-to-7 p.m. Wednesday.

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