Students Find Ways To Save Money On College Textbooks

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College students to heading back to class, are buying some very expensive textbooks... but these days they have more options.

Stacey Douglas, aggressively seeks out used books to give student's and parent's wallets a break. He says "We're trying to keep our cost, our prices down to students, knowing how expensive textbooks are."

Another way students are saving money is through the early-bird textbook discount. Earlier this month students could go online to the bookstores website and order books whether they're new or used and get a 5% discount."

One student says she's getting her books online. "I go to and I rent them. so it's saved me about $500 now." But students say they don't always get the book they've rented in the time frame they need it, and not all textbooks are available.

CSU-Pueblo is planning a pilot program to rent books itself for some classes beginning with the spring semester.