Detective Lou Smit Remembered

High profile detective Lou Smit had a passion for solving crimes. His colleagues say he was one of the best in the business.

On Friday, he was remembered by family and friends. A funeral service was held at New Life Church in Colorado Springs.

Smit passed away last Wednesday, surrounded by loved ones, following a cancer diagnosis seven weeks ago.

At New Life Church, about 200 seat were roped off with white ribbon. Each chair had a white rose on it and the name of a murder victim in whose shoes Lou Smit stood.

"Lou's underlying devotion defined his duty to represent the victim and the victim's family was a lifelong commitment," said Smit's former homicide partner John Anderson.

Smit became personally involved in each homicide case. Before he passed away, Smit wrote an essay called, "Shoes." It was shared with family and friends at the funeral.

One of the many people that came to honor Smit was John Ramsey. His daughter, JonBenet was murdered back in 1996. Smit was called to consult in the investigation of her death.

John Ramsey and Smit became good friends over time. John Ramsey says he had a chance to visit with him a week before he died.

"Remarkably during that time together, Lou talked alot about the case. He hadn't given up," recalled Ramsey.

Smit's close friends tell 11 News they have nothing but fond memories.

"We were blessed to have him in this community. It made us a safer community by having Lou Smit here. We're going to miss him," said 4th Judicial District Attorney Dan May.

The 75-year-old detective was instrumental for his work on several cases such as investigating the murders of 13-year-old Heather Dawn Church in Black Forest, and Karen Grammer, the sister of actor Kelsey Grammer.

Smit also was called on to consult in the investigation in the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. His role in that investigation garnered him recognition. In the television movie, "Perfect Murder, Perfect Town," Smit's character was played by Kris Kristofferson. An 11 News crew at the funeral says Ramsey is in attendance.

"He was a humble and kind human being," said Ramsey. "If I was to describe him in one word, it would be integrity."

Lou Smit began his career with the Colorado Springs Police Department in 1966 and retired in 1990.

Even in the last days of his life, Smit continued his efforts to bring closure to unsolved homicide investigations around the country, according to family members. He passed on specific details and case notes to other investigators so those victims would not be forgotten.

Smit is survived by four children, nine grandchildren and eight great grandchildren.