Death Row Inmate's Case

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A man sitting on death row for killing four people at a pizza restaurant has had his conviction and sentence in a separate case reinstated.

The Colorado Court of Appeals issued that ruling Thursday in the case of Nathan Dunlap, saying mistakes made during his trial weren't crucial.

Dunlap was convicted of aggravated robbery, theft and kidnapping after holding up a Burger King in 1993. He was sentenced to 75 years in prison for kidnapping and robbery, and a concurrent six-years for theft. A judge later threw out the kidnapping sentences because of
errors on jury verdict forms. Dunlap was later resentenced, reducing his prison time by 35 years.

The appeals court said Thursday there's no doubt Dunlap was guilty of kidnapping and reinstated the original sentence.

The Burger King robbery occurred one month before Dunlap shot five people at a Chuck-E-Cheese restaurant in Aurora. Four of the victims died, and the fifth identified Dunlap as the killer.

He was convicted by a jury in El Paso County and sentenced to death in 1996. The Colorado Supreme Court upheld his death sentence in 2001, and an Arapahoe County district judge last month denied Dunlap's
appeal of his convictions.

Dunlap had been fired from his job at Chuck-E-Cheese five months before the attack.

Nineteen-year-old Sylvia Crowell, 17-year-old Benjamin Grant, 50-year-old Margaret Kohlberg and 17-year-old Colleen O'Connor were all restaurant employees who died in the shooting.