1,000 Employees Furloughed At Fort Carson

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More than 1,000 civilian employees have been sent home at Fort Carson because of the government shutdown. The jobs being furloughed range from public works employees to hospital workers.

But the U.S. Army says health and safety on the base will still remain a priority during the shutdown. So emergency room staff at the post's hospital will stay on, and fire and security personnel will also remain on duty.

Services like the commissary (the post's supermarket) are closing Wednesday. All its workers will be furloughed. Soldiers and their families will still be able to buy some household items at the post exchange. Gas stations on post will also stay open.

Also being temporarily shuttered, the post's Army Community Services building, which provides social services to soldiers and their families.

These services will remain shut down until Congress is able to reach a resolution on the budget crisis.