1 Shot Outside Springs Biker Club

A man is battling serious, possibly life-threatening injuries after being shot near a Colorado Springs biker club early Sunday morning.

Officers were in the area when they heard shots ring out, having been dispatched to the Sin City Deciples motorcycle club on 628 W. Vermijo St. for an assault. The earlier assault started as an argument inside the club over a cell phone between a man and woman and some club members, then spilled out into the parking lot, where police say the victims were knocked to the ground and assaulted by several people.

After hearing the gunshots, police found a man sprawled on the ground outside the club with one or more gunshot wounds.

Officers currently have no suspects in this case, which is being handled by the CSPD Violent Crimes Unit. Witnesses say several cars took off from the area just before police arrived.

Detectives are expected to remain at the scene throughout the day.

The Sin City club was the scene of a fatal shooting almost a year ago, when a man was shot while driving away from the club. A trial is currently underway for one of the suspects in the case, Army Staff Sgt. Christopher Mountjoy.