Police: No Reports of Kids Getting Marijuana Candy during Halloween

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Police in Colorado Springs and Pueblo say they didn't get any reports of kids being given pot infused candy while Trick or Treating for Halloween.

Denver authorities say they didn't get any reports or kids eating pot candies either. The Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center agreed.

Police across the state warned parents to be on the lookout for the treats, which often look very similar to other, popular non-marijuana candies, saying that someone might try to pass them off as normal candy.

Greenwood Village Police Chief John Jackson says the educational campaign helped.

Joe Hodas, of marijuana edibles company Dixie Elixers, says the warnings were overblown. He says parents should scrutinize their kids' Halloween candy but most people who use edibles are diligent about keeping them away from children.

According to KUSA-TV, doctors say it is hard to get a toxic level of the drug in small children, but there are dangerous side effects that can cause panic attacks and other symptoms.