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Ebook Retailers Give Credits to Customers

Posted: 04/01/2014 - Thanks to a settlement with several big publishing companies, some customers in Colorado are getting money back from online book retailers. If you have any concerns, or want to see if you qualify for a credit, click on the link.

Some Colorado Counties Considered High Risk For Radon Exposure

Updated: 04/01/2014 - Several counties in Colorado are now considered high risk for radon exposure. The state Health Department says this doesn't mean every home in these counties has dangerous levels of radon, but they're recommending people have their homes tested. Click on the link below for more information.

Calculate Penalty For Affordable Care Act

Posted: 03/31/2014 - The deadline in Colorado to sign up for healthcare under the Affordable Care Act is midnight. If you don't sign up, you face a penalty of either $95 per adult, or 1% of your entire household income, whichever is greater. To determine what your penalty would be, click on the link.

IRS Warms Of New Phishing Scam

Posted: 03/28/2014 - The emails appear to be from the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service and include a bogus case number.‬ Recipients are directed to click on links that supposedly provide information about the "advocate" assigned to their case or that let them "review reported income." The links lead to web pages that solicit personal information.‬ The IRS says Taxpayers who get these messages should not respond to the email or click on the links. Instead, they should forward the scam emails to the IRS. A link is below.

Pueblo Police Testing New Crime-Fighting Tool

Posted: 03/28/2014 - The web-based system allows people to submit real-time tips for suspects, stolen property and missing persons- and learn about crimes in their neighborhoods. To go the site, click on the link below. .

Colorado Fire Prevention Report Released

Posted: 03/28/2014 - Friday the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control released its report on wildfire resources and needs, and outlines improvements that could help address future threats. To read the report, click on the link below.

Updating Emergency Notification Info

Posted: 03/27/2014 - The El Paso-Teller County 911 Authority provides an Emergency Notification System (commonly referred to as reverse 911) to notify you of emergency situations that are a threat to life or property, or situations that are deemed dangerous by public safety officials. You are receiving this message because you registered this email address as part of your contact information to receive Emergency Notifications for your area. We have changed the vendor that we use to make Emergency Notifications. All of the contact information (address and phone numbers) that were in the old system were transferred to the new system. However, each vendor has their own proprietary login screen. You will need to create a new account at to allow you the ability to log in and keep your information up to date. The new system allows you to register up to 5 different locations (work, home, school, etc). You can now register up to 8 points of contact per person (landline, cell phone, sms text, email, etc.), and select the order in which you would like the devices notified. When creating a new account, please register as an individual and not as a household. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions: Email: Phone: 719-785-1971 (this is a voicemail account) please leave your questions and a member of the staff will return your calls Monday - Friday during business hours. Please re-register by April 15, 2014. If you have already created an account at: you can disregard this message.

Nissan Recall

Posted: 03/27/2014 - Nissan is recalling more than a million vehicles in North America because of an airbag flaw. A software glitch could prevent the passenger airbag from deploying. The recall affects Nissan models from the past two years, including the Altima, Leaf, Pathfinder and Sentra. Some luxury Infiniti models are also impacted. Nissan says it's not aware of any deaths caused by the problem, but it can't give details about injuries. Nissan plans to contact owners starting in mid-April.

Deadline Days Away to Sign Up for Insurance

Posted: 03/27/2014 - The deadline to sign up for health insurance in Colorado is Monday, March 31st. If you have any questions about the process, you can call 1-855-752-6749. That is the hotline for Connect For Health Colorado. They have extended hours leading into the weekend: Thursday and Friday 7a.m.-8p.m., Saturday 7a.m.-10p.m., Sunday 9a.m.-10p.m. and Monday 7a.m.-midnight. You can also click on the link.

Pure Edge Nutrition Recalling Weight Loss Products

Posted: 03/26/2014 - Pure Edge Nutrition is voluntarily recalling several weight loss products because they contain undeclared Sibutramine or a combination of both Sibutramine and Phenolphthalein. Sibutramine a previously approved controlled substance, was removed from the US market in October 2010 for safety reasons, Phenophthalein is used medicinally as a laxative and not approved for marketing in the US. Details are at the link below

Pappan Boys Memorial Fund

Posted: 03/26/2014 - Contributions can be made at First Bank. People can make those contributions in person at the First Bank located at 817 Village Center Drive in Colorado Springs or by mail.

Scammers Claim to be with AT&T

Updated: 03/26/2014 - If you get a call from a scammer claiming to be with AT&T, let the phone company know about it. You can report suspected fraudulent phone calls or texts to AT&T by emailing Officials say you can also file a complaint with the FCC by calling 1-888-CALL-FCC or go to

Benefit Auction for Brittany

Posted: 03/25/2014 - From the Facebook page: "Tragedy struck close to home March 10th, 2014. A mother and two of her children became angels, leaving Brittany (at the age of 16) to have to learn to live without them. This family means loads to this entire community and so it seemed as though the only option was to do anything and everything in my power to help Brittany rebuild. This auction isn't much but every penny counts and so a little will go a long way! Please join us in helping Brittany! Thank you all in advance for your participation and generosity!"

Free Shade Trees For Springs Utilities customers

Posted: 03/25/2014 - Colorado Springs Utilities is giving away 500 trees in support of a greener, healthier community and energy savings. Customers are eligible to reserve one free tree through April 21 or while supplies last. To reserve a tree, click on the link below.

Parkers Farm Recalls Products Due To Listeria Contamination

Posted: 03/25/2014 - Parkers Farm products (peanut butter, dips, spreads, cheese and salsa) were packaged under the Parkers Farm, Parkers, Happy Farms, Central Markets, Hy-Top, Amish Classic, Say Cheez, Win Schuler and Bucky Badger labels. This is a voluntary recall of all products with "sell by" dates before 3/20/2015 because they may be contaminated with listeria. They were sold nationwide at stores including Target, Whole Foods, Walmart and Costco.

11 Call For Action Alert: Food Recall

Posted: 03/23/2014 - Several products made by Parkers Farm are being recalled. Some of the products tested positive with Listeria monocytogenes bacteria. There have been no reports of illness associated with consumption of the products. Parkers Farm Acquisition, LLC is cooperating with the MDA investigation and has issued a voluntary recall of all products with the “sell by” dates listed below. Consumers who have purchased these products are urged to return them to the place of purchase or discard them. The list of recalled products includes: 16-ounce Parkers peanut butter in square plastic containers (tub with snap-on lid), including creamy, crunchy, honey creamy and honey crunchy varieties with a sell by date before 3/20/2015; 34-ounce Parkers peanut butter in round plastic containers (tub with snap-on lid), including creamy and crunchy varieties with a sell by date before 3/20/2015; 12-ounce Parkers spreads in round or square plastic containers (tub with snap-on lid), including jalapeño and pimento varieties with a sell by date before 9/20/2014; 8-ounce and 16-ounce Parkers cold pack cheese in round plastic containers (tub with snap-on lid), including sharp cheddar, bacon, onion, smoked cheddar, Swiss almond, horseradish, garlic, port wine, and “Swiss & cheddar” varieties with a sell by date before 3/20/2015; 16-ounce Parkers salsa in round plastic containers (tub with snap-on lid), including hot, mild, garlic, and fire-roasted varieties with a sell by date before 7/20/2014; 10-ounce Parkers cheese balls or logs (plastic overwrap), including sharp cheddar, port wine, ranch, and “smokey bacon” varieties with a sell by date before 3/20/2015; 10-ounce Happy Farms cheese balls (plastic overwrap), including sharp cheddar and port wine varieties with a sell by date before 3/20/2015; 16-ounce Happy Farms cold pack cheese in round plastic containers (tub with snap-on lid), including sharp cheddar and port wine varieties with a sell by date before 3/20/2015; 8-ounce Central Markets cold pack cheese in round plastic containers (tub with snap-on lid), including sharp cheddar, port wine, horseradish, and Swiss almond varieties with a sell by date before 3/20/2015; 12-ounce and 20-ounce Hy-Top cheese spread in round plastic containers (tub with snap-on lid), including pimento and jalapeño varieties with a sell by date before 9/20/2014; 8-ounce Amish Classic cold pack cheese in round plastic containers (tub with snap-on lid), including sharp cheddar, port wine, and Swiss almond varieties with a sell by date before 3/20/2015; 14-ounce Say Cheez beer cheese in round plastic container (tub with snap on lid), including regular and hot varieties with a sell by date before 3/20/2015; 10-ounce Win Schuler original variety cheese balls or logs (plastic overwrap) with a sell by date before 3/20/2015; 8-ounce,12-ounce, and 14-ounce Bucky Badger cheese spreads (tub with snap-on lid) including cheddar, port wine, bacon, garlic, horseradish, jalapeño, and Swiss almond varieties with a sell by date before 3/20/2015; and 5-pound foodservice products including cold pack cheese foods, cheese spreads and peanut butter with a sell by date before 3/20/2015. The products are distributed nationwide under the Parkers Farm, Parkers, Happy Farms, Central Markets, Hy-Top, Amish Classic, Say Cheez, Win Schuler, and Bucky Badger labels. These products were sold at several retail stores including but not limited to Hy-Vee, Cub, Rainbow, Byerly’s, Lunds, Target, Whole Foods, Price Chopper, Nash Finch, Costco, ALDI, Wal-Mart, and Brookshire stores. Consumers with questions can contact the company at (800) 869-6685 or the website: Consumption of food contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes can cause listeriosis, an uncommon but potentially serious disease marked by fever, severe headache, neck stiffness, and nausea. Healthy people rarely contract listeriosis, but it can sometimes cause fatal infections in infants, the elderly, and those with weakened immune systems. Listeriosis can also lead to miscarriages and stillbirths in pregnant women. Any consumers who believe they may have become ill after eating the products should contact their health care provider.

How Local Banks Are Responding to A Potential Risk at ATMs

Posted: 03/20/2014 - In an 11 Call For Action alert, we're talking with local banks about fixing a potential security risk at ATMs. The problem is windows XP. It’s a computer operating system that’s more than a decade old, but 95% of bank ATMs still use it. Starting on April 8th, Microsoft will stop issuing security updates for XP. So if there are holes or flaws in the system, they won’t be fixed and it could be an easy target for hackers. We called several banks about what they're doing to fix their ATMs. US Bank: "U.S. Bank is fully aware of the upcoming change and will have converted all U.S. Bank ATMs to Windows 7 by the April deadline." Wells Fargo: Waiting for a response. First Bank: Waiting for a response. ENT Federal Credit Union: "We are aware of the Windows XP end-of-life date from Microsoft and have taken the appropriate measures to secure Ent’s systems. Ent’s staff and our vendor partners have been working since September to upgrade our Windows XP systems and are nearly complete. Any systems that have not been upgraded by Microsoft’s end-of-life date will be secured using other technologies." UMB: Waiting for a call back. Chase: Waiting for a manager to call us back. USAA: They're upgrading the software right now. A spokesperson says they didn't know when the transition would be finished. They will call us back Friday. TCF: Waiting for a call back. Key: We were told they acted early on to make sure ATMS are secure. Academy: Waiting for a call back.

Black Forest Fire Investigation Report

Posted: 03/20/2014 - An independent investigator has made a report available about the Black Forest Fire. You can read it by clicking on the link.

New Colorado Marijuana Website

Posted: 03/20/2014 - The state of Colorado has launched a website to educate people about marijuana. It includes information on the laws and the effects on children.

Playtex Recalling Power Adapters

Posted: 03/19/2014 - Playtex is recalling some AC/DC power adapters that are used with the Playtex Nurser Deluxe Double Electric Breast Pump. The casing on some adapters may become loose and separate, resulting in a potential for electric shock. Details are at the link below.

Tobacco Quit and Save App

Posted: 03/19/2014 - Click the link to download the free app for iPhones and Android devices or to check out other resources that are available in your area.

Beware Of Malaysian Flight Scams

Posted: 03/19/2014 - Hackers could be taking advantage of social media user's curiosity surrounding the missing Malaysian jetliner. Don't click on any link that promises "shocking video of the missing flight." Videos with titles like "Malaysian Airlines Missing Flight 370 Found in Sea--50 People Alive Saved" have spread through social media sites. Facebook users lured by shocking videos typically find that they must complete a survey before continuing, requesting permission to access your profile. Giving permission to your profile could give hackers personal information, like phone numbers and email addresses.

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