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Centura Health

Updated: 04/23/2015 - The region’s largest health care network, with one very important mission. A mission of optimal health for mind, body & spirit.

Interim HealthCare

At Interim HealthCare we understand how important it is to have someone you can depend on whether you, or someone you love, need assistance at home to maintain the highest level of health and independence.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America®

Updated: 03/03/2015 - INTEGRATIVE CANCER CARE, WITH YOU AT THE CENTER At our hospitals, leading cancer technologies are combined with natural therapies to help you fight the disease and maintain your quality of life.

The William Storms Allergy Clinic

We are a full service allergy clinic which provides diagnosis and treatment of nasal allergies, hay fever, asthma, chronic cough, bee allergies, sinusitis, food allergies, eczema and hives, etc.

Cedar Springs Hospital

Updated: 01/22/2015 - Cedar Springs Hospital is a 110-bed facility that has been compassionately treating children and adults with exceptional needs since 1922. We are located at the foot of the beautiful Cheyenne Mountain and a short drive from Denver, Colorado. Here at the Hospital our mission is to deliver the highest quality services to individuals and their families who are dealing with the ramifications of mental illness or substance use issues.

99 Massage

Updated: 04/23/2015 - The expert masseurs at 99 Massage can provide these results with foot massages, body massages, chair massages, or a combination, all in a unique environment than typical massage parlors.

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Unnecessary CAT Scans For Kids Could Pose Other Health Risks

Updated: 03/04/2015 - About half a million kids end up in the emergency room each year because of head injuries, but doctors say that many of them get CAT scans that aren't even necessary. Those tests could lead to long-term health risks.

'Superbug' May Have Had Role In 2 Deaths in LA Hospital

Updated: 02/19/2015 - UCLA says seven people were infected and nearly 200 exposed to a potentially deadly, drug-resistant "superbug" on contaminated medical instruments - and the bacteria may have contributed to two deaths.

Amid Measles Outbreak, Vaccines For Teachers Aren't Required

Updated: 02/17/2015 - While much of the attention in the ongoing measles outbreak has focused on student vaccination, less attention has been paid to another group in the nation's classrooms: Teachers and staff members, who by and large are not required to be vaccinated.

US teens getting less & less sleep

Posted: 02/16/2015 - A 20-year study says U.S. teens are getting sleepier. The results show many lack even seven hours of shut-eye each night and the problem has worsened over two decades.

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