What to do about that wind-damaged roof

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - With the possibility of snow on the way, many in southern Colorado are wondering what to do about their damaged roofs following a major wind event Monday and Tuesday.

Among those scrambling to get their roof repaired is Fellowship of the Rockies on 8th Street. Half the roof of the building was destroyed Tuesday night by the wind.

"As you can see, it ripped off a large portion of the roof ... and in doing so, it also damaged the sprinkler system so the building sustained quite a bit of water damage," Lt. Don Rickert with the Colorado Springs Fire Department explained to 11 News.

Serendipitously, even though people were at the church when the wind struck, no one was hurt.

"They were getting ready, it appeared to be maybe some classes; those folk were all on the north side of the building, so they didn't even know the roof had been damaged," Rickert said.

"If they had been at this end of the building, it would have been a different scenario."

Others across the city are missing shingles.

"We took several hundred calls today again, took several hundred yesterday," Total Roofing CEO Scott McIntyre told 11 News Tuesday evening. "People from one shingle missing, to no shingles missing, to complete tear-offs."

Total Roofing, like other area roofing companies, are slammed with calls and work. On top of that, wild weather over the summer has left companies backlogged for months.

"The hail that hit in July got us very backed up," McIntyre said. "We're out until April on re-roofs."

The best thing to do for a temporary fix is to cover the holes immediately.

"If you can't get a roofer out there, call a construction company, call anybody to get out there and get a tarp on there or put a tarp on yourself and get it as tight as possible," McIntyre said.