Watch for motorcyclists campaign launched in Colorado

DENVER (KKTV) - Look twice, save a life. Share the road. Live to ride. Sayings intended to promote safe-driving habits on the road that the public should consider sharing as the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) launches a new campaign to remind Coloradans to watch for motorcycles.

Motorcycle crashes have increased 58 percent in the last four years in Colorado. In 2016, motorcyclist fatalities hit an all-time high of 125 deaths in the state. While motorcycles account for just 3 percent of registered vehicles on the road, motorcycle fatalities represent a staggering 20-plus percent of fatalities.

On Tuesday, CDOT and Groove Auto announced a joint statewide effort to remind Colorado drivers to watch for motorcycles. As part of the partnership, CDOT developed a campaign that prompts drivers to check for motorcycles by placing reminders in unexpected places. CDOT wrapped a small fleet of Groove Auto courtesy vehicles with a reminder for drivers to always check their blind spots. In addition, Groove Auto is featuring stickers placed in the mirrors of its showroom vehicles.

The safety campaign will run through the end of September and includes truck-side billboards, radio spots and online ads.