Thieves steal rare coins from Pueblo woman's car

PUEBLO, Colo. (KKTV) - Rebecca Gerringer was shocked when she went out to her car in Pueblo to find someone had broke in and stolen rare coins that were in her glove box.

She was surprised thieves targeted her vehicle because it was parked in a driveway in El Camino.

"My heart sank because first of all somebody had broken into my car and these coins were something that my father who has passed away left me. So they were more sentimental to me," Gerringer said.

Gerringer says about 300 coins were stolen.

They were in a bag with blue and white stripes on it and had a draw string on top.

She is saddened by this because her father who has since passed away gave her the coins.

"He was a coin collector so he had spent a lifetime collecting these things," Gerringer told 11 News Reporter Adam Uhernik.

Gerringer says the coins were valuable.

Some of them were from the 1700's.

Others were mercury dimes, half dollars, silver dollars, and one had Gerringer's name on it.

"These were things that my dad spent a lifetime collecting and it just made me so sad."

The mystery remains how the thieves got into Gerringer's vehicle in the first place.

She says she is certain her vehicle was locked, but there was no other damage or signs of break-in to the exterior of the vehicle.

"I have no idea how they would have gotten in the car," Gerringer said. "I'm wondering if people target nicer neighborhoods thinking people have stuff in their cars. I don't understand that thinking that says it's OK to do that."

Gerringer is asking anyone who knows anything about the stolen coins to please call the Pueblo Police Department or Pueblo Crime Stoppers at 719-542-STOP.