Several sex offenders arrested in multi-agency operation

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EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (KKTV) - Some of the most wanted sex offenders in our state are now in jail. More than two dozen fugitives were arrested over the weekend.

Four arrested in CBI's top 100 most wanted sex offenders list.

On Tuesday, a news conference was held at the El Paso County Sheriff's Office.

Agencies detailed the arrests, including information that four of those arrested were on the Colorado Bureau of Investigation's (CBI) top 100 most wanted sex offenders list. Those four were 24-year-old Ollice Mack, convicted of sex assault on a child in 2013 and number nine on the list; 46-year-old Danny Williams, convicted of sexual battery in 2004 and number 14 on the list; 23-year-old Anthony Reed, convicted of assault in 2012 and number 35 on the list; and 25-year-old Johny Ellis, convicted of sex assault in 2013 and number 42 on the list.

Click here to see the full top 100 list.

Several agencies, including the sheriff's office, worked together to get those four and 23 other fugitives off the streets. Colorado Springs police, the U.S. Marshals Service, Department of Homeland Security and CBI also helped.

U.S. Marshal Andrew Smith said they decided on the round-up now because it was "around the time when school starts in order to take some of those potentially dangerous people out of the street, particularly given the high recidivism rate of sex offenders."

The arrests were also made for criminals who crossed state lines or failed to register.

"We certainly identify the non-compliant, non-registered offenders immediately, and then from there we prioritize based on the underlying initial offenses, there a valuation assessment as to how potentially dangerous they may be, and then dedicate a limited resources that we have to target those people," Smith said.

"The victims are why we do this, and the fact that there is federal legislation that requires them to register, and this gives them that one more step," said El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder. "You better register, we are going to track you down and we are going to take you off the street. That's how we protect the public, and if we do this together as a group, that makes this even more effective."

The teams also discovered an additional 52 offenders who haven't registered yet. They hope to have more round-ups by the end of 2017.

"The community is the one that benefits the most," Elder said. "The community needs to know that there is no issues with us working together with our federal partners and our local partners, and we actually do very well at that. For us, it's great to know that we have some resources and the commitment from our federal partners to do these types of operations."