Navy sailor found safe in Colorado Springs after being missing for a week

Photo: Norfolk Police Dept.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - A missing Navy sailor from Virginia was found safe in Colorado Springs.

According to CBS affiliate WTKR, Gage Brady, 21, told a friend on June 11 that he was headed to a bar to pick up another friend.

He wasn't seen or heard from again for a week.

The first time Norfolk police tried Brady's cell phone, it was answered by a man who said he found it at a 7-Eleven. Subsequent calls went to his voicemail.

Brady was found in the Springs over the weekend and turned himself in to NCIS officials. He reportedly told authorities he just decided to drive to Colorado. Brady later told NCIS officials he gave his phone to his stranger so he wouldn't be tracked, WTKR reports.