SCAM ALERT: New scam in Pueblo County particularly convincing

PUEBLO COUNTY, Colo. (KKTV) - It's a frightening call to answer: a sheriff's deputy on the other line, warning you that you must pay your outstanding warrant -- or else.

When you dial the call-back number, an automated greeting states you have indeed reached the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office. The voice tells you to press a number to proceed.

It all seems so real, down to the menu of options on the "sheriff's office" line. But it's actually an elaborate scam circulating in Pueblo County.

The sheriff's office assures citizens it will never call to ask for a warrant payment or for any other financial information. No matter how real a call like this seems, no matter the scare tactics used, PCSO says if you receive this phone or call or one similar: it is a scam.

The sheriff's office says citizens can also call any time to verify the legitimacy of a phone call from someone purporting to be from the agency. PCSO can be reached at 719-583-6250.