Pueblo participates in statewide health emergency training

Pueblo health emergency exercise, June 17, 2017.

PUEBLO, Colo. (KKTV) - Pueblo City-County Health Department took part in a statewide training exercise to test the community's response procedures during a health crisis.

The three-day Colorado Public Health Emergency Response Event engaged communities in responding to a hypothetical disease outbreak that tested resource distribution and dispensing, information sharing, and the ability to coordinate among multiple emergency response agencies.

"As partners participate together, Pueblo's community networks are strengthened and new resources are discovered for public health in disasters and day-to-day operations," Jody Carrillo, Environmental Health and Emergency Preparedness division director at the Pueblo City-County Health Department, said. "Exercises create a safe place for individual agencies to practice and integrate their current plan with the state's response system, and test how effective unified response to a health threat will be."

More than 300 volunteers were needed to participate in the Pueblo event Saturday at Pueblo West High School, where volunteers walked through a "mock clinic." They also were able to meet local emergency responders and get a close look at emergency vehicles and the Flight-For-Life helicopter.

The event began Thursday and ended on Saturday.