Pueblo man says his dog was poisoned intentionally

PUEBLO, Colo. (KKTV) - Jeremy Bray says he knew something was wrong with his dog Sophia recently when she was not acting like herself.

Bray says she couldn't walk right, she was throwing up, and having diarrhea.

Bray says he took Sophia into the vet right away.

"She (the vet) didn't know what the dog was poisoned with but she was pretty sure she got into something," said Bray.

Sophia is going to be OK, but Bray wants to let people know this is happening in his south side neighborhood near Pueblo Community College in Pueblo.

"I know there have been several others in the neighborhood that have had their dogs poisoned some made it some didn't so I'm assuming it was probably something intentional," said Bray.

At the end of January, Pueblo Animal Services sent out notices to homes just a few blocks away from Bray letting people know their neighborhood might be the target of possible pet poisoning.

Pueblo Animal Services put out the notices because they received a complaint from a person in the area about their dog being poisoned.

Animal Services says they haven't received any complaints since the one a couple weeks ago.

It's important for anyone who thinks their pet maybe poisoned intentionally to call them at 719-544-3005.