Number of stray dogs triple after wind event

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Humans aren't the only ones reeling in the aftermath of the week's wind event.

Their four-legged companions have suffered too.

"A lot of fences were being knocked over; maybe people didn't realize when they let their pet out, maybe they were at work when the fence blew over," said Gretchen Pressley with the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region.

As a result, the humane society saw a huge increase in stray dogs Monday -- 33, compared to nine or 10 they see on average.

"With all that wind, it's hard for them to get back home in the confusion," Pressley said.

There could be even more lost dogs that haven't found their way to their shelter yet.

"Probably dogs were sheltered and hiding yesterday if they did get loose. Maybe more of them will be coming out looking for their homes ... I think a lot more will be picked up and brought to us."

Thankfully, Pressley says many of the lost dogs they did get have already gone home.

"We have reunited about 17 of those dogs with their families, which is great news."

Even if your dog has remained safe at home, Pressley said the loud wind and chaos it brought along with it can be very stressful for dogs.

"Especially with all the noises."

If you're home with your dog when the wind strikes, pet him or sit near her to offer comfort if you notice your pup may be anxious. Keep him inside if you're away to prevent the pup from getting spooked and escaping.

If your dog does get out, keep this in mind: HSPPR is only legally obligated to hold your dog for a minimum of five days before the dog could become eligible for adoption. Pressley urges owners to check the humane society as soon as you realize your pet is gone. And keep checking frequently, in case she just hasn't been brought in yet.