Sanity evaluation ordered for man accused of setting someone on fire

CAÑON CITY (KKTV) - A Cañon City man accused of setting another man on fire is set to receive a sanity evaluation.

A Colorado judge ordered the evaluation on Wednesday for 34-year-old Michael Scavarda. Scavarda is facing 13 charges, including attempted murder.

The victim was set on fire while sleeping in a car and was in critical condition following the incident on March 19.

Jason Crowder, 40, woke up and managed to escape his vehicle, but was severely burned all over his body. The person who found him and called for help told the Fremont County Sheriff's Office the victim needed medical assistance immediately.

Despite his injuries, Crowder was able to identify the suspect as Scavarda to deputies. He was then airlifted to a burn unit.

Scavarda was later arrested. He's being held without bond pending his sanity evaluation. Investigators say Scavarda told them he was mad at Crowder for telling his girlfriend that he was cheating on her.

Crowder reportedly suffered burns on 40 percent of his body.

The incident was reported on Park Avenue in Canon City.