Man found guilty of sexually assaulting 7 children

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - A Colorado Springs man has been found guilty of sexually assaulting several children.

An 8-year-old boy was the first to come forward last year. He told police he had been raped repeatedly by Raymond Brown.

The boy and his mother had been homeless prior to meeting Brown, who offered them a place to stay and paid for the child's daycare, the victim's mother told police according to an arrest affidavit obtained by our partners at The Gazette. Brown raped the little boy two to three times a week for two years.

Brown, 35, was arrested and Springs police began looking for other victims. He was found guilty Thursday of sexually assaulting seven children total.

Following the court appearance, the mother of one of the victims spoke with 11 News.

“I trusted him with my babies," said the mother. "My most precious gift and he hurt them. I just don’t know how any person could do that to a child.”

Springs police told 11 News Brown would befriend family members and friends of the victims in order to get close to them.

Brown will be sentenced in August and could face life in prison.

“I hope he gets life, I hope he never gets out, so he can never hurt another child ever again,” the mother of one of the victims told 11 News.

Another mother, who 11 News is choosing to keep anonymous, had a message for Brown.

"More than anything I would say, get the help you need because obviously something happened to him for him to be this way," the mother said. "And you know, may God be with all of us that’s all I can say. I hope he gets the help he needs.”