Lawmakers advance Colorado marijuana club measure

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DENVER (AP/KKTV) - Colorado is moving ahead with a first-in-the-nation attempt to allow marijuana clubs.

A House committee voted 8-3 on Monday to approve a bill giving local governments an opportunity to allow private marijuana clubs. The clubs would allow indoor smoking, if they have fewer than three employees. The bill has already cleared the Senate.

But the measure doesn't go as far as some marijuana activists hoped.

Colorado law currently doesn't ban nor permit pot clubs. The result is a patchwork of local regulations regarding pot clubs. Some existing clubs could be shut down under the bill.

The city of Denver is currently working on rules for bring-your-own pot clubs. Denver's measure does not allow indoor pot smoking, though the drug could be smoked on outdoor patios in some cases.

Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper told reporters recently that he opposes the pot club bill if it allows indoor smoking. He said it's a bad idea to invite attention to Colorado as a new president takes office and sends mixed messages about whether state pot experiments will be allowed to continue.