Denver officer punished after his patrol horse had to be put down

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DENVER (KKTV/AP) - A police horse had to be put down after an officer left it without food or water for a period of time.

Officer Joseph Teeter didn't mean to harm the horse, according to a disciplinary report released on Monday. The horse, MC Hammer, was left unattended for 16 hours back in September. The report goes on to say that the officer became distracted while doing paperwork and forgot he had tied the horse in a stall in the department barn.

The next day the horse seemed fine. However, it was later diagnosed with colic. Colic is caused by intestinal gas or obstruction in the intestines. MC Hammer had to be euthanized soon after. The report says a veterinarian could not tell if the horse became sick as a result of being left without food or water.

Teeter was docked one vacation day. The report adds that he was remorseful.