Latest Facebook scam claims you won money

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) An 11 Call For Action Alert: We want to warn you about a scam on Facebook. The ploy is that you won a large sum of money from a random lottery. Similar scams made the rounds in the past.

This holiday weekend will be a memorable one for Allen Saft - for all the wrong reasons.

"He said he was a Facebook representative," Saft told 11 News Reporter Katie Pelton. "I got a message on my Facebook that I had been eligible for a new prize."

They said Saft won a $50,000 prize from a random Facebook drawing.

"He contacted me on Facebook, I assumed that there's a possibility, people win money," said Saft.

They asked for some personal information and Saft sent a picture of his drivers' license - something he says he regrets doing.

“I went along with the program, unfortunately, a little too far," said Saft.

Then they asked him to pay up for his prize.

"[He] wanted me to send him $350 for insurance for my prize," said Saft. "I wasn't about to send any money. As soon as he asked for that, that's when I started deleting everything and putting it into emergency mode."

He didn't pay any money. It's a good reminder, if something sounds too good to be true, it almost always is.

"They had me, hook, line and sinker," Saft added. "Look out. They're there and they look real."

Facebook warns users to stay away from any messages with words like free and giveaway.

You can report a message as spam. Click here to find more information under the Facebook Help Center.

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