Investigation ongoing for 'river bottles' found in Colorado

GARFIELD COUNTY, Colo. (KKTV) - Plastic bottles covered in duct tape have been popping up in Colorado river banks, and authorities are warning the public of these suspicious items.

Photo courtesy: Garfield County Sheriff's Office

The Garfield County Sheriff's Office reported February 13, residents of Garfield, Eagle and Pitkin Counties came across "an influx" of bottles on river banks during the week prior. Since then, several more bottles have been found in the past week. The bottles are similar in size to a water bottle but are covered in duct tape. It is still not clear where the bottles are coming from.

In most cases, the bottles were filled with a blue or purple liquid and a paper-like substance. The contents of the bottles are considered corrosive and flammable. The Garfield County Sheriff's Office says the contents should also be considered hazardous to human health.

Authorities, including the Denver Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), initially thought the bottles may be filled with materials used to produce methamphetamine, but since then, testing has not found any precursors for meth or any other controlled substances. Grand Junction DEA is also assisting in the case.

U.S. Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms also tested the bottles but did not find any explosive materials.

Authorities say if you come across these bottles, do not touch them. Contact local law enforcement immediately.

The investigation is still ongoing.