2 standoffs Saturday night in Colorado Springs could be related

Standoff on Walnut Avenue, one of two warrant executions turned standoffs Saturday, July 15, 2017 in Colorado Springs.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Warrant executions at two homes Saturday evening rapidly deteriorated into standoffs at both locations.

Investigators say the two standoffs may be related, but would not provide any other information about the search warrants or the suspects inside.

"We came home and saw a whole bunch of SWAT vehicles and emergency vehicles in the church parking lot down the street so we knew something was happening," said Jen Soto, who lives near the house on Walnut Street where one of the standoffs took place.

"They threw, like, a flash bomb earlier and, like, were flying, like, bean bags at the house and had the lights set up on it," said another neighbor, Deb Ray.

Negotiators warned the people inside that they could not guarantee their safety if they did not exit the house, but still no one came out.

Across I-25 the second standoff was unfolding at Prospect Lake Drive and East Moreno Avenue. Our crew at that the scene said the man inside the home was yelling at officers to back off.

Neither standoff ended in an arrest related to the search warrant, but police confirm one person was taken into custody on an unrelated warrant. Officers also spoke with another person, who a police spokesperson said officers had wanted to talk with prior to the standoffs. That person was released after talking to police and never taken into custody.

The spokesperson was unable to say which location those two people were contacted at and how they were involved in the standoffs, if at all.