Vacuum Cleaner Demonstrations

They're calling you on the phone and leaving flyers at your door.
Employees with Airtech, LLC say they want to know what you think about the Filter Queen Majestic and Defender, a vacuum cleaner and air purifier that costs $3,000.
Fran Gathercoal says, "When he told me $3,000, I thought well they were out of their mind!"
Fran says she was told the demonstration would take about 45 minutes, but two hours later she says she was tired of the high pressure sales pitch.
Fran adds, "Eventually he got to $1,200 and by that time they were coming down so rapidly, I got to feel a little uneasy."
Fran said no thank you to the offer; she'd keep her old Hoover. And by the way she wanted the $25 gift card she was promised, but she says the salesman told her that he didn't have one.
So later Fran says she called the company, but never got a call back.
Fran says, "So it was about four different times, four or five different times that I called."
Liz Busch says she too was suspicious about Airtech after getting a call and being told she had won a prize.
Liz says, "I was skeptical right away. There's no such thing as you're winning $500 for nothing."
Liz says she was asked her age and what kind of vacuum cleaner she had. She didn't understand why she was called since she's on the No Call List.
Liz says, "I knew right away there was something incorrect about it."
To get answers, we went to Airtech's office near Academy and Austin Bluffs.
While waiting for the owner we couldn't help but see workers making calls... pitching the $500 gift certificate in exchange for sitting through a demonstration.
"Hi, i'm Betty Sexton with KKTV. And you are?" "Mike Sandoval. Are you taping? If you are... I don't need you taping in my office."
I asked Sandoval why Fran wasn't given her gift card and he said it was an oversight.
Sandoval said he had no record of Fran's repeated calls to the office; nevertheless, he handed me a gift card which I later gave to Fran.
The Colorado Secretary of State's office shows Airtech, LLC has only been in business since January, but Sandoval used to run a vacuum cleaner business called S & S Systems.
In fact, in 2002 the Colorado Attorney General ordered him to stop calling people on the No Call List. It's a document that Sandoval says he doesn't remember signing.
He says his company's home office in Denver is where Airtech, LLC gets its list of people to call.
He doesn't know if that's where Liz's number came from, but he promised to find out.
I also asked how customers can redeem the $500 gift certificate.
Sandoval told me they go to the website called
We found Select Your Gift is mentioned in complaint blogs for offering items with an exaggerated retail value and inflated shipping prices.
We also heard from Tim Hunter, the owner of Air Tech HVAC, a heating and cooling company that's been around 13 years.
He's concerned about Airtec, LLC using the same name.
He says he's taken more than a dozen calls from angry customers who are confusing the two.
Remember, when a company offers you a gift in exchange for sitting through a demonstration, be prepared for a sales pitch.
High pressure sales calls are legal, but don't be afraid to set boundaries.
If you only have 30 minutes or an hour, say so. You call the shots.
If you're promised a gift you are entitled to it. If you don't get it make a Call for Action.

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  • by Ladonna Location: Colorado Springs on Oct 2, 2010 at 09:57 AM
    I would like everyone to know that this is very un true! I have worked with this company and bought from this company. They are very professional and I did not feel threatened or high pressured sales. If anything I enjoyed my demonstration. I read this and talked to the owner of the company who explained to me this was a former emp. that has left these comments. I believe him because he is a honest man from what I can tell.
  • by concerned Location: colorado springs on May 30, 2010 at 07:39 PM
    As an ex employee there, I am estatic to hear this story made the news. They are a scam, and Heres a story for you, the second person to get employed there (the receptionist) got let go for not sleeping with the boss. The employees are all mistreated and if they dont get the job done in three hours they are fired and not given the pay they were promised. everyone that is employed there is going to end up in jail. The only reason they are working there is because they cant find work elsewhere.
  • by Nobama on Apr 15, 2010 at 07:52 AM
    If you have not been able to return it in the three days, it is in violation of federal law. check out the colorado consumer guide, File a complaint and sue them in small claims.
  • by nobama on Apr 13, 2010 at 10:17 PM
    here's a clue, someone knocks on your door = FRAUD. (save for the girl scout cookies). no exceptions
  • by nomaba on Apr 13, 2010 at 10:14 PM
    This is just a scam, you'll never get a warranty, can't return it, and it is overpriced - high pressure sales. if you can't handle high pressure sales, send them on their way. The Dysons are the best and can be found on eBay for 200..
  • by james Location: colorado springs on Apr 13, 2010 at 01:56 PM
    we did the demo and we liked the product, we like the air filter and because i am a cancer paitent thought this would be could for the air in the house because they showed it as a medical device with a rating. we thought about it and decided this did not feel right and are trying to return it.this has been about three weeks now. The owner when he answers calls is extremly rude the so called finance company is even ruder, they never verified income they have done nothing to verify any info, they have turned their phone off, they apparently have different prices for diffrent people we are finding out , i would warn do not give any bussiness to this company. i also ask what are you hiding? they are hiding behind a 3day return policy but they dont give you any paper work until the third . all in all this company is dangerously walking the line between legal and ilegal .
  • by Willy Location: Colorado Springs on Apr 10, 2010 at 11:28 AM
    The first guy that showed for a demo gave me a WalMart gift card up front, and didn't stay for the demo because my wife wasn't home. Kudos to him. Days later the company called again to re-schedule an appointment, promising a second gift card or the $500 gift certificate. The demo took 3 hrs. The vacuum cleaner is impressive, but after researching online I found it can be purchased retail for about $500, or used on eBay for $200 or less. The Defender air cleaner also impressed but I found on the web there are higher rated vacuums and air cleaners that can be bought for much less. As for quality there is a lot of inconsistency; many owners have been satisfied with their FilterQueens for 25 or more yrs. while others have been hugely disappointed after only a few wks. After viewing the vid. of Mr. Sandoval saying "you can't tape in here" I have to ask "Why, what do you have to hide?" If you do a demo, get the gift card up front. As reported the gift certificate is a rip-off.
  • by Jared Location: cos on Apr 9, 2010 at 09:24 PM
    These guys and roofing salesmen that go door to door should be thrown out of the city. Nothing but illegitimate scams!
  • by stacy Location: CS on Apr 9, 2010 at 08:52 AM
    In this day and age, in this city, you can't let people come into your home. Take this as being a red flag that they are desperate. They could be eyeballing all of your possesions, and could even be getting your schedule down "when would be a good time for you?" So beware and don't let ANY strangers in your home!
  • by LR Location: Falcon on Apr 9, 2010 at 08:21 AM
    A year-and-a-half ago we went through a similar high pressure ordeal with another door-to-door vacuum sales company called Kirby. It was a horrible high pressure sales experience, and like this company, it was an outrageously priced vacuum of around a couple thousand dollars. They dramatically "discounted" the obviously inflated price when we balked at the numbers and told them "no thank you." I encourage this reporter to expose more of these vacuum scams for the public, so others may not have to be victimized by these companies. We learned our lesson the hard way.
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