Changes for Rocky Mountain Dog Trainers After Investigation

You may remember last month's explosive Call for Action Investigation.
We confronted a Colorado Springs dog training center.
Now the business is being forced to change the way it operates.

"Take your hands off!"
"Get out of my business!"

This was the response I got last month when I asked the owner of Rocky Mountain Dog Trainers why refunds weren't mentioned in his contracts.
Master trainer Scott Martin refused to answer my questions and ordered me out.

"Get the f... out of my face! Get out of my business. The next time you come walking around here... watch out for the pitbull."

We learned the state department of agriculture is taking action against Rocky Mountain Dog Trainers. After failing three of four inspections its application to board dogs has been denied.

That means come October first, Rocky Mountain can no longer keep customers' dogs. It can train them, but only when their owners are there.
I called Martin and he told me he's appealing the state's decision and is making some changes, downsizing and going from a training to more of a rescue operation.

He says he applied for a 501-C3, non-profit license with the I.R.S. and will now try to get a state rescue license. Scott says he's rehabbing dogs and then asking folks to adopt them at fairs.

Scott also apologized for his behavior towards me and for displaying fake diplomas in his lobby. He says it was underhanded, but he wasn't trying to deceive anyone... just trying to make it in a tough market.

The state says it hasn't received Martin's appeal for the boarding license, nor his application for a rescue license. It also says Colorado doesn't require licenses for dog trainers, just their facilities.

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  • by usa Location: usa on Dec 14, 2010 at 07:19 PM
    well seems like scott martin has it made he knows the laws of co and always gets away with everything why am i not suprised his wife now she is as stupid as him he knows how to get what he wants always and apil hand is a joke also they all she be in one house under the same roof i feel so sorry for the solider and hope he charges scott martin co needs to look harder in their laws this non human needs to pay hard for all he has done and the damage to peoples lifes but his wife use to work for all kinds of attrys so she has helped him hopefully jan 5 2011 he will pay hard for the identy theift from his ex one of the exes heck he has been married 5 times and 1 time to the one now he is married to throw him in prison for the rest of his life and throw away the darn key
  • by me on Dec 14, 2010 at 06:26 PM
    well THE story goes on poor ava the dog missing the police should charge him with theft and he is ignoring about this dog why would anyone in right mind still support him.he has a wife and a girlfriend why doesnt the wife do something.April gets on at one point and said she found out who he really was now back with him,she must be really lacking self esteem but im sure the nose needs the fix both using each other.i have never seen this kind of drama it could be a hoping the end comes soon so i can finish the end chapter of the glad hes calm and not in his high at this time thank God a rest
  • by private Location: usa on Dec 5, 2010 at 08:33 PM
    to who do you think non human can be accountable for anything in his life noway his april girl is as bad as him i wish i could help the family of avas channel 5 news did a part on him he needs to be put out there nationwide hes wife not april is behind him also how can you be married and have someone on the side and this business was a family business biggggggggggggggg joke you dont hear anything about the wife just april scott needs to be put in his place he is a smooth talker thats why people still believe him poor animals
  • by who Location: usa on Dec 5, 2010 at 12:19 PM
    Scott needs to be held accountable for ava the militarys mans dog.He is stalling on that issue and he needs to be honest but who expects that.i still cant understand the dumb folks that still support him or just on his page maybe to keep up with the next chapter lies lies lies the big doggie him self.I think he suffers from mental illness and is bipolar has the signs or maybe another personality issue.anyone that has to brag and be the big doggie has got to be something wrong.i dont think he ever completely sobered up from his alcohol and drugs Its been quiet but we all know its not over,God help us and all the dogs he has hurt.
  • by usa Location: usa on Nov 29, 2010 at 04:17 PM
    scott thinks he so smart he did not get his 501 he wants people to think he has he likes all the drama. he isnt bipolar his wife sent him to ca to dry out from all the meds he was on even cough syrup he does not need to be around animals that is for sure he abuses them to badly all his words from his non brain is sue he doesnt know how to make an honest living thats why he is a con he needs to be taught a lesson but always gets away with it hopefully in jan 2011 that will change
  • by me on Nov 26, 2010 at 04:59 PM
    Well he left fb now on again on a high like we have seen before put out a big note to everyone now braging hes got his 501 and we are stupid 3 corperations in all.We are ready for the end of this drama I am sorry to this station i bet they never knew this would go on and on.Scott has got a personality major problem he really need help.Has to cuss and degrade everyone because he himself lacks self esteem folks that boast and think they are so better do have low self esteems If a person is someone important they dont go around and brag and do not go on rages.So here we are another chapter gosh im ready to hear the end so i can finish my book.Oh he might sue forgot that and sue for rights hes still on that band wagon but it changes every single day somes times hour to hour.Bipolar maybe no excuse they have meds for that.
  • by me Location: usa on Nov 23, 2010 at 07:38 PM
    Well here goes another chapter now he says he is building a big state of the art facility on the money he will win from this station will be open in june who believes that?hasnt scott caught on no one believes him.Sad story a military man is back from war looking for his dog and has had no luck with scottie but this cowan gal is standing up for him pretty sad when you trust someone to keep your dog and its gone when you get back right on scott takes care ot those deployed military sounds like it a con This is how it is his ego is so busted so now he brags to feel like the heman he still wants but doesnt have what it takes oh boy when is he going to pay for all he has done to the animals,people and why the chums still believe him they have too be a crook like him the bad follows bad Ms cowan are you just blind havent figured out yet its simple dont you read between line goes for Kim too April hes got her snowed again you will never make honest money with scott martin do better
  • by usa Location: usa on Nov 22, 2010 at 07:50 PM
    well seems like martin thinks he can go back into business with a better and bigger place boy is he stupid he is a con go figure i need to have help on how to put the word out for good on this non human he thinks he can sue me for his own dumbness of his business he brought all this on himself hurting animals being still married and with april hand oh brother lets get it started martin again before long you wont be welcome anywhere
  • by usa Location: usa on Nov 3, 2010 at 08:08 PM
    well seems like non human man is still training and saying that the dogs are rescue dogs give me a break and his side kick is doing photograph in the building called aprils photograph we all know that the dogs are not his and somehow people that give him dogs for whatever reason are dumb dont they know about him how can you be married to one and with another in this world well lets see what happens on nov 17th when he goes to court for identy fraud
  • by me on Oct 27, 2010 at 12:26 AM
    he is on fb with a funny pic with sun glasses watch out its not his picture but is rmdt scott martin
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