Call For Action Warning About Rocky Mountain Dog Trainers

Imagine taking your dog to a trainer and a few days later, he's missing.

11 News Is On Your Side with this Call For Action alert. Betty Sexton investigates what happened to one Colorado Springs family and the lesson we can all take away.

It all started with a complaint from a woman named Elizabeth Klug. "It was an absolute nightmare," Klug tells 11 News.

Elizabeth's dogs, Sullie and Finnie can be a little aggressive when strangers visit so she went online to find a trainer. She was impressed with the Rocky Mountain Dog Trainers Web site and the credentials for the owner and master trainer, Scott Martin.

She paid Scott a $1,312 deposit for his 30-day program to train and board her two dogs and her mother's miniature pinscher, too. But now she regrets it.

"If you love your animals, don't go anywhere near them," says Elizabeth.

She says three days after they dropped off the dogs, they went to visit, as they were encouraged to do. When they got there, Elizabeth was told one of the dogs had just gotten loose.

"We went around the back to where the kennels were. We did see Scott Martin and he immediately went back inside and didn't speak with us."

Elizabeth says that's when she and her husband started searching, near Nevada Avenue, a busy, four-lane street, and the surrounding area, which had a drainage ditch surrounded by tall grass and weeds.

"My husband eventually found him about 15-20 minutes later, covered in pond water in the bottom of the ditch near Nevada."

Elizabeth says once they recovered Finnie, she took all three dogs and asked Scott for a refund. "He said 'no problem, just call tomorrow during the business day and we'll get it taken care of.'"

But, a few days later, Elizabeth says she was told to read the contract, there would be no refund.

That's when Elizabeth made a Call For Action.

Our volunteer says Scott told her he would work out a refund with the family, but when the Klugs called back, they were again told, no refunds were due.

The 4-page contract the Klugs signed, addresses training and medical issues, but a refund policy isn't mentioned anywhere. Because of the confusion, Betty Sexton decided to talk to Scott face-to-face.

"Hi, I'm Betty with KKTV. We called you yesterday." Since Scott was meeting with a customer, a woman named April asked Betty to wait.

Later, Scott and April admitted that Finnie got loose and the Klugs found him, but they say it wasn't the picture the Klugs painted.

"Within five minutes, Finnie was found, so it's not like we had lost Finnie and he was covered in dirt and mud and suffering, no. He got loose," argues April.

Betty told them she understood that dogs will often run loose but when she asked about the refund policy, Scott became angry.

"Why don't you just say that in the contract, no refunds. It's not in there," Betty asks Scott.

"That's right. Do you dictate how I run my business?" responds Scott.

"Well, I'm just saying it would be easier for the customer..." Betty starts to say but is interrupted by Scott, " Get the f*** out of my face. Get out of my business," he demands as he gets in Betty's face.

"You're just as bad as the Klugs. You don't want to listen to nothing. We offered them everything. The fact remains, buyer's remorse." continues Scott.

And Scott's final words for KKTV: "The next time you come walking around here, watch out for the Pit bull."

Betty asked Scott about his criminal record before she leaves the business and he replies, "oh, and a long one, too."
Betty: "Oh, so you're threatening me now?"

KKTV didn't get a chance to ask Scott about a diploma hanging in his lobby and one he mentioned in a Web posting. It says he graduated from Denver University with a Bachelor of Arts in Zoology in 2002 from the Penn Zelink School of Science. DU tells 11 News they haven't offered a zoology degree for at least 100 years and they don't have a Penn Zelink School of Science.

After some investigating, Betty was able to find the Penn Zelink School of Science but it was not a prestigious college campus- it's actually on a Web site called "Magic Mill" that sells fake diplomas, two for $17.

Remember, before you hire anyone, do your homework. Rocky Mountain Dog Trainers has only been in business six months and in that time, the Better Business Bureau has given a C- rating, because of four complaints.

The BBB also ordered the Rocky Mountain Dog Trainers to stop using its logo on it's Web site implying it's a member, when it isn't.

Dog training is a $7 billion a year business and in Colorado, anyone can call themselves a dog trainer, since no official training or course work is required. Don't ever be afraid to ask about a company's refund policy. That way both parties know what's expected if things don't work out.

April Hand, from the Rocky Mountain Dog Trainers, called 11 News last night and when we asked her for a statement she says, "The total bill was $2,625 and the deposit was $1,312. Like many other deposits, that is non-refundable. They have only a limited amount of room and had to turn away other customers because the space had been reserved."

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  • by lisa on Apr 19, 2011 at 12:10 AM
    Scott martin pleased to a theft charge he stole his ex wifes id used to buy things and in his now closed business Hurray chapter closed
  • by Lisa Location: Canada on Jan 17, 2011 at 08:25 PM I believe now he is into renos and building homes.
  • by usa Location: usa on Nov 24, 2010 at 03:28 PM
    goes to show that non human doesnt care about nothing except conning people and money he is a very disturbed non human married to one whom she has her name on his bond and with this trash person april oh boy doesnt he get it he is bad for the community and not good with animals hech how can i get a petition going to the supreme court he is bad
  • by me Location: usa on Nov 22, 2010 at 11:31 PM
    THIS military man that trusted his dog in the hands of scott and RMDT is now back and trying to locate his dog.Scotts number he had was disconnected This is terrible finally april got in touch but saying all this bs the dogs name ava i believe scott is saying now that it was adopted out how can he do this.hes also braging he is in a lawsuit with this station and going to build a big state of art kennel with this big money he isnt getting He has a decease order from dept of ag I am so sorry for a man fought for us to come home his beloved dog is gone.To his wife why isnt he in jail i heard he had a court apperance this month Scott hates me because i caught the scammer before this even came out the news,why folks dont check out things on fb it was all over fb about him he has lost lot of folks and some friends he thinks are i can say are not I heard april is back she put once out to contact her she found out about him that was to keep her out of spot light His big ego has been busted
  • by usa Location: usa on Nov 21, 2010 at 08:50 PM
    diane at rescue i am so sorry you had to exsperience this non human please get the word out alllllllllllllll over the world that this non human is not capable of animals in his care i know i am the ex of him stealing my identy for money to get or help with his business denver ag is watching him closely he needs to be out of that state and put somewhere where non humans exist please get the word out i will help anyway
  • by DianeCTRescue Location: CT on Nov 20, 2010 at 06:38 AM
    I am outraged. I actually have him as a friend on facebook and now I have to send a fax to hundreds through out the US and Nevada area and warn them to never ever go enar Scott. SHAME ON YOU SCOTT! if it was my dog my baby he would be sorry he ever woke up that day. I hope he realizes that the world now sees him for the scammer, and hazard to animals everywhere. What a tragic end for a little dog. What a shame for someone who trusted him as a caring man who is in the business to help animals. Scott you should close your doors because you are in no way worthy or the job.
  • by really Location: cs co on Oct 7, 2010 at 08:02 PM
    so it turne out that scott let a dog get loose then it got hit and killed a couple weeks back good job trying to hide that one but fail. someone talked and now u get busted again to bad for the owner again scott hurt someone else and put a dog at risk idoit goodbye to u and your so called staff who r dumber then u
  • by the barber Location: cs on Sep 20, 2010 at 05:34 PM
    Yeh....looks like April's momma got a haircut the same place as Scott. Really sad people. And they expect people to take their beloved pets there???
  • by carol Location: colorado on Sep 20, 2010 at 04:48 PM
    This is getting so stupid april accusing folks of stalking and her mother says sweetie want it in bills she ask for 10,000 saying that the ex is stalking i dont believe that these are really sick folks that stand behind them.they are scam and trashey people can they not talk without cussing always a threat what they can do with thier news all over they dont have a chance wish they would get off they have been reported on scam report through a dept of us goverment then they pass on to local all i will say grown up april and your mother sounds just like you do bet she doesnt know truth huh she will find out sooner or later that your man is a con
  • by who knows on Sep 20, 2010 at 09:13 AM
    Hey posted by usa i feel the same hes a scam con man.i read that story he posted didnt believe it you and i need to talk im like you hes sick.He hasnt posted lately nothing for few days we figure hes in jail,Hes spread bad stuff of a friend of mine too nothing was true,she not a nut shes very sweet the letter i guess was about you and her.every one in dog world are beggining to find the truth but some stick by in his scam i need to give some scoop but cant on here scott your mouth shows who you really are.You think your friends but much talk going on get another career,you are a not good at what you do terrible folks use dogs for thier own gain and abuse them you dont deserve to even have one.Going to sue folks right so many folks news have spread your con you going to sue lots of folks find a attorney none would touch a case against anybody but brag about your angel shes nothing by the looks and sure doesnt need to run a company cant keep books,that came from report
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