It HAS to be Tebow Time (JESSE KURTZ)

By: Jesse Kurtz
By: Jesse Kurtz

The Broncos HAVE to find out if Tim Tebow is the quarterback of the future. The only way to know, is to throw him into the fire (or Black Hole in Oakland as the case may be).

As a TV Sports Reporter I have heard every cliche' in the book from "We have to be solid in all three phases of the game" to "We take it one game at a time."  These sorts of answers don't bother me too much any more because truth be told, they're true.  But the cliche' that carries the most weight in the modern-day NFL is "It's a business."  Time and time again, we are reminded that our favorite past time is not just a game.  Big money is stake with every snap and every decision.  With that in mind, the Denver Broncos have to make a smart business decision soon. 


In the spirit of full disclosure, I have not been one of the reporters (or fans) calling for Tebow to play this season.  I thought it would be disastrous to bench your best player (Kyle Orton) in favor of a kid who, by all accounts, is not ready for an NFL Sunday.  However, I pulled a complete-180 and think it should be Tebow Time after witnessing the Broncos flush hope down the toilet in back-to-back games at Kansas City and Arizona.  The kid has to play, NOW.  It's not personal Mr. Orton, just business.

The Broncos need to find out what they have in Tim Tebow.  Can he run an offense for four quarters?  Can he get veterans like Jabar Gaffney and Correll Buckhalter to follow his lead?  Can he throw a 50-yard "go-route?  Heck, can he complete a 15-yard post pass?  We don't know.  Neither do the Broncos.  If he can do all these things, it provides hope.  Hope that one day, the Broncos will once again ride off into the glorious Bronco-Orange Sunset behind a franchise quarterback.  If he can't play, the Broncos are in no worse of a situation than they are now... and the decision still pays big dividends.  Knowledge is power.  Better to find out now, when a season is lost, than to start 2011 0-6 behind a quarterback who should have been sent packing along with the coach who drafted him.

Tebow has been a fan favorite since the moment he was drafted by the Broncos.  He has a cult following unlike anything I have seen in my career.  Many times at opposing stadiums, his jersey outnumbers any "home team" player.  Fans in Arizona were even chanting his name on Sunday afternoon.   Fans should NEVER dictate or influence a way an organization is run.  Especially from a personnel stand-point.  However, this may be the exception to the rule.  Tebow can single handedly revive excitement of a disastrous season by stepping onto the field.  But standing on the sideline with clipboard in hand accomplishes nothing.

The Broncos may not win another game this season.   But going 0-3 down the stretch, with promise of light at the end of the tunnel, is much easier to stomach than the current dark road to nowhere the team currently finds itself on.

Play Tim Tebow now.  Give the fans what they want to see.  Something that hasn't happened this season on so many levels.

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  • by Mouse Location: Manitou on Dec 20, 2010 at 05:38 AM
    Yeah - it's all crap. If Focus on the Family wants this no-talent to play football, they should start their own team and keep Religion out of sports.
  • by jacob Location: C/S on Dec 17, 2010 at 11:11 PM
    I'm with Jeff on this one. I was one that said not yet b/c Orton is playing so well however the season is over and we need to figure out what Tebow can do. I think there is value in finding out if he has anything that way we can possibly trade Orton for a 3rd or something and get some Defense in the draft b/c face it we can draft another qb but our D is getting old and fast and what young guys we do have arent that good minus Doom of course. And even if you dont agree with any of what i wrote then i'll leave it at this. I hate watching the games now days, we suck so bad its almost not even worth watching. However if Tebow were playing i would want to watch it just to see what he brings to the table.
  • by Colleen on Dec 14, 2010 at 02:39 PM
    I think they should put Tebow in and see how he handles the pressure. What can it hurt?? I sat back and waited through this season becuase I didn't want to see happen with what happened with Plummer and Cutler. Everyone thought then Cutler was the answer for everything.. but I think Tebow coming on the field the Broncos have nothing to loose...
  • by Jeff Location: C-Springs on Dec 14, 2010 at 11:38 AM
    But here's one problem with it-this is garbage time. this team has mailed it in and Zona made that clear. so how much does Tim Tebow playing well in games that are essentially meaningless actually mean? yeah, we get some tape and I see that point, but if he stinks or shines, it doesn't tell me he can lead this team in a game that matters. i know "everybody still has a job to fight for" so the games still matter. cmon. the players know this thing is about to get blown up and the majority of them are gone. I don't mind Tebow playing, I mean there is NOTHING left to lose at this point, but I don't buy that it gives us ANY real look at whether he's the guy going forward.
  • by Jesse Kurtz Location: KKTV on Dec 14, 2010 at 07:27 AM
    Jeff... You're making my point for me. I never said Tebow should play because he is the "answer." I am saying he's an unknown commodity at this point. I don't think he will amount to a great NFL quarterback... but nobody knows for sure until he gets a chance to prove himself. There is nothing to lose at this point, so it is the perfect time to see what you've got in Tim Tebow. If he fails, then yes, the Broncos may need to tap into the QB-rich Draft. I'm not sure you can call Tebow a "mistake" yet having not seen him play. I'm one for making my decisions with facts in front of me, not just from pure speculation and opinion. -- Jesse
  • by Jeff Location: C-Springs on Dec 13, 2010 at 11:38 PM
    lets face it. Tebow playing does nothing. he's on the outs. look at our old roster-Cutler, Marshall, Sheffler, Hillis, hell I'd even take Ryan Torain back. McDaniels let his ego get in the way, ripped those guys on their way out the door no less, and stuck us with this terrible roster. you really think that after all the misses he hit on Tebow? doubtfull. You want light at the end of the tunnel? the Broncos have a high draft pick. there's a good crop of QBs coming out. Denver will admit what most already know-drafting Tebow was one of many mistakes, and a new coach will take the opportunity to draft a REAL franchise QB. not to say Tebow might not be in the fold, as perhaps an H-Back or something, he's to athletic not to use.
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