Jesse Kurtz's Final Top 25 Poll - Sunday, December 7th

By: Jesse Kurtz
By: Jesse Kurtz

Am I a genius, or just lucky? You be the judge!

  For the record, I still think Texas should have been playing in the Big 12 Title Game.  With that said, Oklahoma was VERY impressive!... and since they're the Big 12 Champs, they get my vote to play in the National Title game based on a non-negotiable rule I promised myself I would live by when I was honored with an invitation to vote in the Harris Poll: A team cannot play in the BCS Title Game if they did not win their conference.  I witnessed this happening first hand in 2001 when I covered Nebraska.  The Huskers lost to Colorado (remember 62-36????), didn't play in the Big 12 Championship Game, but still played Miami in the Rose Bowl for a National Title.  It was a disaster and set the table for my one rule I live by when I submit my weekly rankings.

  While I was unhappy last week that Texas got passed over, I am rather excited with  the likely title game matchup.  Back in September on this very blog I predicted a Gators-Sooners national championship.  Urban Meyer vs Bob Stoops, Tim Tebow vs Sam Bradford.  This should be fun!

  Thanks for reading this blog each week.  It's been fun talking college football with you.  I hope to do it again next season if I am fortunate enough to receive an invite back onto the Harris Poll Panel.

  Until next time, keep livin' the dream.... Jesse Kurtz, KKTV Sports Anchor/Reporter


Rank # 1: Florida
Rank # 2: Oklahoma
Rank # 3: Alabama
Rank # 4: Texas
Rank # 5: Utah
Rank # 6: USC
Rank # 7: Texas Tech
Rank # 8: Boise State
Rank # 9: Penn State
Rank # 10: Ohio State
Rank # 11: Oklahoma State
Rank # 12: TCU
Rank # 13: Cincinnati
Rank # 14: BYU
Rank # 15: Oregon
Rank # 16: Georgia Tech
Rank # 17: Georgia
Rank # 18: Pittsburgh (Pitt)
Rank # 19: Iowa
Rank # 20: Michigan State
Rank # 21: Mississippi
Rank # 22: Oregon State
Rank # 23: Missouri
Rank # 24: Virginia Tech
Rank # 25: Ball State

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  • by Barney Location: Calhan on Feb 7, 2009 at 11:10 AM
    Huge game tonight boys 2-a basketball. #5 Limon at #4 Calhan. Should be a great one. Lots of history here between thes to teams. Who ever wins will face off against css foe possible district champs.
  • by Jesse Kurtz Location: KKTV: Colorado Springs on Dec 11, 2008 at 11:18 AM
    Jeff... Thanks for posting again! We'll have to agree to disagree on the Conference Champs issue. But that's why there are 114 voters in the country. To get a wide sample of opinions to help determine the Ntl. Title Game. I think it's very important that only conference champs get a chance to play for a National Title (in the current system). However, I have no problem with voting Texas and Alabama ahead of Utah, Boise State, Virginia Tech, ect.... Plain and simple, they are better teams. That is reflected in my poll. As for Boise State. WHAT A TRAGEDY! I think Chris Petersen is an amazing coach and deserves another shot... Not because they were undefeated, but because they're a great team. They SHOULD be in the BCS ahead of Ohio State (again, that's reflected in my rankings). You and I both know, OSU got the nod because of their fanbase and widespread appeal. Although I could make the arguemnt, Boise has widespread appeal after what they did to Oklahoma in 2006.
  • by Jeff Location: COS on Dec 10, 2008 at 01:35 PM
    Jesse, I agree that posting your votes and allowing people to comment is commendable, and something I think every voter should do. But I don't get how you don't see the problem with your "not voting for non-conference champs" rule. If it's that important to you that the title game participants win their conference, you should make sure your top 4-5 or so are all conference champs. That way you don't have a situation where your #3 team, who isn't a conference champ, gets to the title game by a small margin that could be attributed to you voting them that high. Your #1 & 2 votes should be for the NC game, #3 should be your "first alternate", #4 second, etc. To be consistent, you MUST vote all conference champs at the top, or else vote for the teams where you think they should be ranked, conference champs or not. Also, no comment on the Ohio St over Boise St in the Fiesta Bowl fiasco?
  • by Jesse Kurtz Location: KKTV, Colorado Springs on Dec 8, 2008 at 09:32 AM
    Also.... As for the "gutless" claim. I am one of the only voters in the country who makes my poll "public" for all to see. It ultimately opens myself up to criticism, but it also holds me accountable. I enjoy the marketplace for opinions. That's what makes me so passionate about college football and its fan-base. Right or wrong, I offer a weekly explanation for my poll to offer some clarification for my work. I also give you a venue to offer your opinion on my poll. I wouldn't call that "gutless", rather "gutsy". I consider myself a stand-up person. It's how I live my life, both personally and professionally. Keep the opinions coming because a marketplace for ideas will only make us better. Thanks for posting! Jesse Kurtz KKTV Sports
  • by Jesse Kurtz Location: KKTV - Colorado Springs on Dec 8, 2008 at 09:23 AM
    Time for point/counter-point: Jeff: Let me clarify my "rule." I said no team should play for a "national title without winning their conference." I did not say they couldn't be ranked in the Top 5. Therefore, I do believe Texas and Alabama (who did NOT win their conference) should be ranked ahead of Utah, USC and Penn State. Steve: Oklahoma jumped Texas because they won the Big 12 Title. The BEST conference in the nation in 2008. It is too bad we couldn't have seen Oklahoma and Texas battle it out one more time for the right to go to Kansas City. Mr. Playoffs: I didn't "reward" Oklahoma for running up the score. I rewarded them for winning the game. Plain and simple. And for the record, I do believe the system is flawed. We do need a playoff... end of story. But for right now, I have been asked to do a job and rank teams how I see fit in a race for a national title. A job I take seriously and spend hours each weekend performing.
  • by Jeff Location: COS on Dec 7, 2008 at 11:06 PM
    Jesse, I understand your "rule" about not voting for a team that didn't win its league title in the NC game, but just like last year, you don't stay consistent. If you put that much stock in winning your conference, put Utah and USC ahead of Texas as well. Oh, and Penn St too. Either apply the rule all the time or none of the time. And you do realize that OU and UT weren't in a two way tie, right? TX Tech was in there too. If Texas was in the Big 12 Champ. game, would you have said Tech should have been there because they beat them? And there was a good point earlier about Utah's schedule strength compared to Alabama's. You got that ranking wrong. And on another subject, Ohio St going to the Fiesta instead of Boise St is the worst selection of all time.
  • by steve Location: Oklahom on Dec 7, 2008 at 04:18 PM
    If you think Texas should have been playing in the Big 12 title, why are you now ranking them below Oklahoma? Texas's record remains and they won against Oklahoma. Seems like you have jumped on the TV band wagon instead of voting for the team you think should play for a Nation Championship. One last question last week Alabama played for the SEC title game with a lower strength of schedule than Utah but like all the other people did you vote Alabama above Utah? Per your last Harris Poll vote I would say yes. Utah still has a better SOS than Alabama and hasn't lost a game. Who's to say Utah, Boise, or Ball State is not the best team in America? 2 years ago Boise proved they could play and beat the Big 12's best, Oklahoma. I think this is why a playoff is needed. Americans are tired of the press, coaches, and computers telling us who the Devision 1-A champs are.
  • by PlayoffsNOW! Location: Everywhere on Dec 7, 2008 at 03:47 PM
    "A team cannot play in the BCS Title Game if they did not win their conference." But OU won the division over Texas by basically only a coin flip, so to apply your 'rule' is asinine, disingenuous, and ultimately gutless. An arbitrary and capricious loophole used to justify suddenly exclaiming how wonderful the emperor's new clothes are. And how nice to reward running up the score (OU was throwing to the endzone in the final few minutes with a 34-point lead, keeping their starters on both sides in after Mizzou had pulled theirs.) This is exactly why today's media has zero credibility and is hated so much.
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